Neuro-Wave Dolphin Ride

“The Ultimate Experience in Deep Relaxation”

The Neuro-Wave (aka ‘The Dolfin) is state of the art technology providing neurological exercise with acoustic vibration and a gentle wave-like motion that naturally stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, deeply enhances hypnosis, supports ‘great night’ sleep, reduces pain and anxiety, increases health and energy.

“I got lost in the feeling of floating.”

“This was my first time to Mind Spa to use a gift certificate for a neuro-wave treatment. I had no idea what to expect. When I told Nancy that I was a little lost she took the time to explain it over a cup of tea and said that a lot of folks were a little lost.

So, I have to tell everyone about the neuro-wave treatment!  WOW!  It was AMAZING! Go get one!

Here’s my explanation of it: You lay on a very comfy body-forming bed (or chaise lounge) and are covered with soft blankets. It’s like you would imagine laying on a cloud. Then Nancy intuitively chooses music to sooth you and puts the headphones on. At this point you are incredibly comfortable….but there’s more! Then Nancy turns down the lights and lets the bed/chaise lounge do it’s thing. So, the result is that you feel the vibration of the music and move gently with the music. It was truly one of the most relaxing and calming things I have ever experienced.”

“I slept wonderfully for the first time in years”

“I’ve been dealing with chronic pain for years, after each session on the Neuro-wave, I experience less pain (sometimes pain-free) and increased energy.  Even my mood is uplifted!”

“Not only did my neck move comfortably, but my headache was gone and I was able to open my jaw all the way for the first time in months.”

I didn’t realize that I had simply forgotten HOW to relax until I drifted off on the neuro-wave.”

“It was a strange and wonderful feeling, I was more relaxed than after a full body massage!”

The only Hypnotherapist in California using Neuro-Wave Technology!