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Addicted to Premature Aging?

Smoking can add years to your appearance.

By Nancy Soderberg, CHT and Smoking Cessation Specialist

Age sneaks up on us all unexpectedly and there is no escaping the fact that we are all growing one year older every three hundred and sixty-five days. However, if you take preventive measures now, you can reduce the chances of unnecessary damage to your body and complexion in the future. When you stop smoking you will extend your life and start to reverse the damage almost immediately!

Ever heard of ‘Smokers Face’?

Every puff on a cigarette releases as many as 100 TRILLION harmful oxidants into the body ~ imagine their impact on your skin. Smokers tend to have a grayish tinge to their complexion, due to a poor oxygen supply, increasing the risk of pre-mature wrinkles. In 1985 the term ‘smoker’s face’ was added to the medical dictionary and defined as the following:

Lines or wrinkles on the face, particularly radiating at right angles from the upper and lower lips or corners of the eyes, deep lines on the cheeks or numerous shallow lines on the cheeks and lower jaw.

A subtle gauntness of the features, with prominence of the underlying bony contours.

A gray skin pallor.

What the research says

We all know that smoking shortens your life (an average of 14 years!), but along the way, it will also age your body. Researchers have found that smoking leads to faster shortening of the cells’ “telomeres” – the tips of the chromosomes, containing DNA, which shorten normally over a lifetime.

Smoking creates a pre-mature breakdown of your overall state of health, internally and externally. It can also slow the healing and regeneration process of the body, which could be harmful if you ever needed surgery or to recover from an illness or injury.

It only takes 20 minutes after you’ve smoked your last cigarette for your body to begin a series of beneficial changes and then your already on your way to better health.

But it’s too hard to quit

Yes, it was hard to quit, but now we have a new program on the central coast that makes quitting smoking achievable for everyone. It doesn’t matter how many years you’ve smoked or how many times you’ve tried to quit. This ‘Freedom From Smoking’ system has a documented success rate of 96.3%, with most people quitting in just one hour! The study was conducted over a two year period in which people were contacted after one month and again after six months to ensure they were still non-smokers. It’s time to make one of the best decisions of your life and quit smoking for good. You will enjoy a longer and healthier life… and look younger too!

Nancy Soderberg is part of an international network of Smoking Cessation Specialists using Advanced Technique Hypnotherapy. Nancy is a past smoker who became a non-smoker in one hour through this very system. She has experience with a broad variety of therapeutic modalities and she is absolutely committed to helping you become a non-smoker now.

Sex And Smoking

Not as sexy as we thought…

By Nancy Soderberg, CHT

Despite, or in spite of the health warnings, there’s still something about smoking that screams sex appeal. Maybe it’s the oral fixation, or maybe the thought of lighting up after a passionate romp beneath the sheets but whatever IT is, it’s there. Remember the movie Grease, Sandra D didn’t have any sex appeal until she painted on her black outfit and lit up a cigarette.

Not everyone realizes that the few ‘after sex puffs’ of you favorite cigarette can ruin your sex life. Smokers may have enjoyed a sexy image in the past, but research tells us that they are not “doing it” as often as nonsmokers. Nonsmoking men enjoy sex more and have sex twice as often as men who smoke heavily. A study looked at 300 men between the ages of 24 and 36 and found that nonsmokers had sex 11.6 times a month, compared to 5.7 times a month on average for smokers. Nonsmokers also rated their sexual enjoyment at an impressive 9 on a scale from 1 to 10, while smokers rated their sexual pleasure at a non-climactic 5.

Another study suggested that carbon monoxide in the blood caused by smoking inhibits the production of testosterone, that sex-driving hormone we all enjoy so much.

In men, smoking has an effect on sexual performance and reaching orgasm because of

reduced blood flow into the penis and increased blood outflow from the penis. This means not only can’t you maintain an erection as easily but it’s harder to get one in the first place (no pun intended). Smoking just two high tar cigarettes in a short period of time reduces blood flow through the penis by a whopping third. And if that wasn’t scary enough, smoking also causes damage to the smooth muscle inside the penis, interfering with erectile function. Guess smoking is not as sexy as we thought…

For those of you planning to have children, smoking seriously affects fertility. A smoker’s sperm come in many sizes and shapes, including very abnormal ones. Some have two tails or two heads, others have tiny heads or even giant heads. Nicotine essentially can poison and damage the sperm to the point where it can’t fertilize an egg. Planning children or not, no man want’s giant two headed sperm!

So, it appears that nearly any man’s sexual satisfaction and frequency would increase if he could just stop smoking. For those who have had difficulty quitting, there is a new Smoking Cessation system in SLO using Advanced Technique Hypnosis. For most smokers, it takes just one hour! For more info contact Nancy at THE MIND SPA at (877) 519-8572.

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December 11, 2006



“The Most Important Hour of Your Life”

The new `Freedom from Smoking in One Hour’breakthrough technique is now available on the CentralCoast.  Nancy Soderberg, of The Mind Spa, now offers this new one hour stop smoking system that has had a proven success rate of over 90%, the highest in the industry.  This is permanent solution to smoking and is so successful that it is guaranteed for life!

Advanced Technique Hypnotherapy allows anyone to be hypnotized with ease and effectively facilitates the life changes they have wanted to make for so long. The process actually reprograms the subconscious so they can enjoy life as a non-smoker.  There are no withdrawal symptoms, no weight gain and no more being controlled by cigarettes.  After just one safe and enjoyable hour, the cravings are gone! 

As a lifelong San Luis Obispo resident, Nancy Soderberg is excited to bring this `Freedom From Smoking’ system to her home town, the first smoke-free town in the world!  People have traveled from all areas of California to the CentralCoast to successfully become non-smokers.

Free phone consultations on hypnotherapy are offered Monday through Friday.  Appointments are still available in January and are generally scheduled two to three weeks in advanced.

For more information or an interview contact:

Nancy Soderberg @ (877) 519-8572

Smoking Cessation Specialist

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